Portfolio Companies

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Mackinnon Marine Technologies is a manufacturing company that designs, builds and supplies the AlumaPro, an innovative, multipurpose personal watercraft.

Founded: 2014 | Website: alumaski.com alumapro-rwc.com


Alaska Natural Organics is a commercial vertical farm located in Anchorage, Alaska. ANO provides fresh local produce 365 days a year with a commitment to quality and community.

Founded: 2014 | Website: aknaturalorganics.com


Heather's Choice is a line of dehydrated meals + snacks for your next adventure! We use only the highest quality ingredients for our handmade products.

Founded: 2014 | Website: heatherschoice.com 


Intelligent Automation, Alerts & Analytics: Making real things operate themselves, Alerts if something goes wrong, and provides the data to make it better.

Founded: 2016 | Website: ia3.io


Aquilo is Alaska's premier industrial drone company. We offer FAA approved training, operations, and consulting services.

Founded: 2016 | Website: aquiloalaska.com


Immediate Response. Kwema will sync with your mobile to send an alert with your location to family, friends & authorities.

Founded: 2016 | Website: kwema.co